Delivering Microsoft Applications & Solutions in East Anglia


Blueweather consultants have over 20 years experience in the internet applications industry. As independent consultants we have offered individual and personal service to some of the smallest and largest companies in the country. We produce websites and web applications, but Blueweather - as a Microsoft specialist - has wide experience in all business software technology. We have produced bespoke business tools, Windows applications, middleware and back-end services using SQL databses, as well as Business Intelligence reports and presentations to blue chip companies. Our consultants have the experience that sets them apart.

Web Applications - more than just a pretty page


Designers can produce a look for your website which satisfies the eye of the marketing manager, but these days people expect more from a website that just pretty brochureware. Many people don't see the difference between a website and a web application. Applications allow your users and customers to do business through your web page - with catalogues, shopping baskets, payment integration, account logins, personalised experience. Blueweather have been developing internet-based applications for 20 years.

Databases & Middleware - the engine of your internet business


The power behind every successful internet application delivery is the database behind it. Blueweather are experienced in integrating internet technology with existing back-end solutions, such as SQL Server and Oracle. We have also delivered solutions using modern data transports, such as WCF, Web Services and Cloud Services. The success of your internet venture depends on the relaibility and speed of your back-end software, and Blueweather are experts in all aspects of database design and integration.

Bespoke Tools - improving business process

Not all applications are for customers. Sometimes business processes can be streamlined and improved by the development of back-office tools, such as business monitoring, report and BI generation, and content management tools. Blueweather have improved the bottom lines of major blue chip clients with the development of small yet strategic back-office tools.