Our Services

Blueweather consultants have been involved with software development for a long time, so we have a wide experience with a vast range of technologies, and also of the processes which go into designing and producing applications and managing the projects which deliver them. Whether you need a project running from design to delivery, or just hands on deck, we have the right mix of skills.

The Technology We Use

Back End
  • SQL Server - all versions
  • Oracle DB - all versions
  • MySQL
  • IIS Server - all versions
  • Apache Server
  • Text-based databases
  • Cloud Storage
  • Linq to SQL
  • Entity Framework
  • NHibernate
  • Microsoft WCF
  • Classic Web Services
  • Cloud Services
Front End
  • C# Dot Net - all versions
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • HTML & CSS
  • AJAX
  • IoC Containers
  • Design Patterns
  • ASP.NET & MVC4

Web Application Front End Design & Development

This is the job of creating web page pages, the graphics which make them look pretty, and the navigation and content which make the site unique. But where design stops and application development starts is where you want your pages to do something useful for your customers. Our consultants have wide range of front-end skills to provide a rich-GUI experience.

  • Latest HTML standards compliant
  • Cross-browser compatibility and security
  • Rich GUI experience using JavaScript, jQuery & AJAX technologies
  • Re-use of page header, footer & navigation collateral using .Net's Masterpage feature

Middleware and Connectivity

This is how your pretty front-end webpages talk to all the data sources which allow the magic to happen. From customer account information and logins, through to ordering systems, catalogues, shopping cart and payment systems, as well as social networking integration, your pages need access to multiple layers of information. Our consultants are skilled in middleware development.

  • Bespoke interfaces to all major databases
  • Entity Framework and all popular ORMs
  • Classic web services, Microsoft WCF and atom & rss feeds
  • Third party integration: PayPal, WorldPay, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Back-end and Data Design

How you store your data can impact the performance and capabilities of your entire web offering. Our consultants can design, build and optimise your data solution for the benefit of your business, and make your website function as you want it. Using best practice in normalisation and design, we can give you the best possible database for your needs.

  • SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL
  • Transact SQL and PL-SQL experts.
  • Table design, stored procedures, functions, views, CTEs
  • XML integration, linked servers, scheduled jobs

Reporting and Integration

The performance of your system, and the throughput of business is just as important to the day-to-day running of your business as the exciting start-up phase. Our consultants are experts in producing reporting, logging and integration services which enable you to kee track of what is going on. These services can be bundled into health dashboard applications which lets you see at a glance the state of your business or can alert suitable stakeholders when things are slowing down.

  • Microsoft Reporting Services for bespoke presentation
  • Microsoft Integration Services for moving data around in bulk
  • Logging of system performance using Microsoft or third party logging (Log4Net etc)
  • Bespoke dashboard development with alerting

Project Management and Delivery

Our consultants are skilled at taking the lead on development projects, and are widely experienced in all major management methodologies from Waterfall to Agile. Our consultants are trained in DSDM Atern agile methodology and have led and worked on successful project teams using Scrum, XP, Kanban, TDD, BDD and many other variations. We can advise which methodology and source control system may be best for your particular working situation.

  • DSDM Atern trained
  • Scrum, Kanban, TDD project management experience
  • Continuous Integration & Automated Testing
  • TFS, Sourcesafe, Subversion, GIT experience
This is just a selection of the skills and services we can offer. Contact us to discuss your requirements and for free impartial advice.